Can a Divorce Lawyer Help You Divorce an Overseas Spouse?

Get Help With an Overseas Divorce

Divorce isn’t the easiest process, and it can become even more difficult if you are trying to get a divorce from a soldier or while deployed overseas. While some things can wait for them—or you—to get back, divorce is not one of them. You want to start your new life now, not in six months or longer. But is it even possible to get a divorce when you or your spouse are overseas? With the right divorce lawyer in Hernando County, FL, it is.

If you want to start the divorce process as soon as possible, a law firm specializing in military divorces might be your best solution. There are many additional steps when it comes to getting a divorce while someone is overseas; this includes a law known as the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA). This law gives military members more time to respond to a divorce filing, which can slow down the process by months.

By talking to an experienced divorce lawyer, you will be able to better understand the additional challenges that come with a military divorce. This will allow you to plan your case better so that the process can begin in earnest when you or your spouse are back from overseas.