Common Mistakes to Avoid After Getting in a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident can be a very jarring experience and dealing with the aftermath can be quite overwhelming. It is essential to know what mistakes to avoid after getting in a car accident, especially if you plan on pursuing a personal injury claim. As a car accident lawyer in Hernando County, FL, we have seen these mistakes time and time again, and we hope that by highlighting them, you will be able to avoid them.

Not Calling the Police – One of the most common mistakes people make after getting into a car accident is not calling the police. No matter how minor the accident may seem, it is crucial to report it to law enforcement. Police reports can be used as evidence in your personal injury case, and they can help establish fault in the accident.

Admitting Fault – Another mistake people make after an auto accident is admitting fault. Even if you think you were responsible for the accident, it is best to keep quiet and let the police and insurance companies determine who was at fault. Admitting fault could hurt your chances of recovering compensation and could even result in legal trouble.

Net Seeking Medical Attention – You might think you feel okay after an accident, but it is still essential to get evaluated by a medical professional. Some injuries, such as whiplash and concussions, may not show symptoms right away. Delaying medical treatment could hurt your chances of recovering compensation for your injuries.

Signing Documents Without a Lawyer – It is important to avoid signing any documents related to your accident without speaking to a car accident lawyer first. Insurance companies and other parties may try to get you to sign something that could hurt your chances of recovering compensation. A lawyer can review the documents to make sure you are not signing away your rights.

Waiting Too Long to Contact a Lawyer – Finally, it is best to speak with a car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. A lawyer helps you protect your rights and fights to help you get properly compensated for your injuries and damages.