Divorce: How to Tell Your Kids

young girl wearing a backpackDivorce is never easy for anyone involved. It’s even more difficult and stressful when there are children involved. Regardless of how old they are, there will always be an impact, and it can come as quite a shock.

As family law attorneys in Hernando County, Florida, the team at the Law Office of James R. Jones, Jr., P.A. will provide advice on how to break the news to your kids.

The youngest of children are totally dependent on their caregivers and need reassurances that they will be looked after. Be alert for signs of distress, anger, and fear.

Elementary school-aged children can grasp the concept of divorce and may be willing to talk about their feelings. After you’ve told your children, approach the topic slowly and gently when trying to get them to open up. Just because they may be willing to talk, it doesn’t mean it will be easy. It’s essential to provide stable routines and a consistent level of care.

Middle schoolers have the capacity to understand divorce issues and can ask questions. Irritability and anger are common. It’s crucial to keep open lines of communication and make sure the children know you’re there for them.

If you wish further information about divorces, our family law attorneys are happy to answer any questions you may have.