How a Child Support Lawyer Can Help You Write a Narrative

A Child Support Lawyer Can Help You Write a Narrative

The family court system is very crowded. That means it isn’t uncommon for child custody and support judges to base their decisions partially or entirely on written statements. These sworn statements are called a declaration, and if you write one, you are sworn to tell the truth, just as you would if you were testifying in front of the judge in person.

This declaration letter is a statement on your behalf that presents your insights and evidence regarding your child custody or support case. This letter can then be reviewed by the judge, your child’s guardian ad litem, and anyone else who can influence the case’s outcome. Needless to say, it is very important to get this letter right since it plays such a significant role in the outcome of your situation.

To make sure your declaration is correct, working with child support lawyers in Hernando County, FL, is a smart idea. These attorneys are able to help you review and edit your declaration letter before you post it to make sure that all of your major points are highlighted and adequately backed up with relevant evidence. They can also help you walk the fine line of sharing your concerns without insulting or bashing your ex.