How a Personal Injury Lawyer Helps You with the Burden of Proof

A Lady in Need of Help From a Personal Injury Lawyer Hernando County, FL

When you have been injured, you want redress and fair compensation for your injuries, but it can be difficult as a layperson to gather the evidence you need on your own. Relying on a skilled professional is your best bet. A personal injury lawyer in Hernando County, FL, can help you establish the burden of proof for your case.

The standard you need to meet to win your case in a civil court is much different from a criminal case. In a civil matter, the burden of proof must meet the threshold of “by a preponderance of the evidence,” while in a criminal case, it must stand up to the scrutiny of “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The standard is much lower in a civil trial.

Your personal injury lawyer can help you meet that level by showing the defendant is responsible for your injuries and, therefore, must provide compensation. They need to show the judge and jury in an injury case that the defendant “more likely than not” was the one negligent and should be held accountable.

The personal injury law firm you work with will have the resources and team members with the experience required to gather the proper evidence to help you mount a case and meet the civil court burden of proof. They know which documents and data and witness statements will prove beneficial.

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