How Much Can I Receive?: Ask Child Support Lawyers in Hernando County, FL

As you navigate divorce, it’s natural to wonder about practical concerns like how much financial support you will receive on behalf of your child as the primary caregiver. To get an answer tailored to your circumstances, you should consult with our child support lawyers in Hernando County, FL. However, this is the basic child support information you should know.

The Income Shares Model

The Florida court system uses the income shares model to calculate child support. This formula begins by combining each parent’s income, including bonuses, commissions, Social Security benefits, pension payments, and other forms of income. Talk to a child support lawyer to determine what the monthly income would be for you and the child’s other parent.

If the combined monthly income is between $800 and $10,000 for one to six children, you should consult the Florida Child Support Guidelines Chart to determine how much financial support is expected. For example, if you and your ex have a combined monthly income of $4000 and one child, then the court system determines the child should receive $828 monthly.

Each parent is expected to contribute to that monthly amount based on how much income they earn. If you and your ex both earn $2000 monthly for a 50:50 split, then you will each contribute half of the $828. However, if your former spouse earns $3500 compared to your $500, then they will be responsible for 87.5% of the $828.

Bear in mind that this is only the very basic formula; other factors will be taken into consideration, like monthly childcare and medical costs. Speak with a child support lawyer to get a clearer picture of what you and your ex can expect.