How to Adjust Your Alimony in the State of Florida

Often, once negotiations are complete and your divorce settled, you can proceed with your life. However, sometimes circumstances change, and you need to make alterations to previously agreed-upon terms, including alimony. For assistance in making modifications to your agreement, it’s best to contact family law attorneys in Hernando County, Florida, to protect your rights.

Changes in Circumstances

Alimony payments do not necessarily remain static. Substantial changes in circumstances may require the court to revisit your case. The parties requesting the change must file a supplemental petition for modification of alimony with the court. Your family law attorney will first draw up and then submit the petition on your behalf. The court will then hold a hearing and determine whether to deny or grant the request.

Court Determination

Should the court determine that the change in situation is long-standing and significant, they may agree that an adjustment of the award is warranted. Most parties almost always accept modifications to the duration or alimony amount.

When faced with circumstances beyond your control, there are always avenues you can employ. Your first call should be to your family law attorney, who will make the request on your behalf and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.