Effects of Divorce

How to Protect Your Children from the Effects of Divorce

While divorce can ultimately be a positive change when done right, it also tends to be tumultuous for children. As you speak with divorce lawyers in Pasco County, Florida, you should also take measures to protect your children from any adverse effects of the split.

Be a Model

One of the best things you can do for your children during a divorce is modeling the right behavior. Work through your own grief or anger in a positive way while also establishing a new, respectful relationship with your ex-partner. Children take cues from their parents, so if your behavior demonstrates that the separation is a healthy one your kids are likely to feel the same way.

Avoid Creating Discord

Likewise, it’s vital to prevent your child from witnessing conflict between you and your ex and to avoid speaking negatively about your ex in front of them. As any divorce lawyer will tell you, you and your ex’s romantic relationship may be over, but their parental relationship with your children still exists. That’s why it’s important to stop yourself from unconsciously (or consciously) coming between your child and their other parent.

Talk About It

Finally, it’s crucial to talk about separation with your children. While they don’t need all the details, you should ensure they understand the split is not because of anything they did. Likewise, you should encourage them to talk to you about their feelings during the transition.