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Reasons to Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

family law hernando county flAt The Law Office of James R. Jones, JR., P.A., we strive to provide legal assistance you can trust. While every marriage is unique, we often see prenuptial agreements used for second marriages or blended families. Our family law in Hernando County, FL can help couples create a prenuptial agreement that outlines each party’s pre-relationship interests and properties. In the case of a prenuptial agreement, our attorney will help you navigate through the process of assigning assets, debt allocations, alimony rights, and more. We encourage our clients to consider options that they think are right for their relationship. Below we discuss common reasons why many couples consider a prenuptial agreement.

  • One of the main reasons for a prenuptial agreement is determining financial obligations in the event of a divorce. In the case of a divorce, couples would typically divide their assets based on laws of the state. A prenuptial agreement would counteract the state laws, allowing the couple to follow the terms of the agreement instead.
  • The negotiation of a prenuptial allows couples to discuss finances up front, allowing your relationship to be open and transparent. A prenuptial agreement outlines each partner’s rights and obligations.

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