mother with daughter

Time-Sharing Tips for Newly Divorced Parents

Divorce is difficult enough, but it becomes more problematic when children are part of the equation. Unfortunately, sometimes parents use their children as weapons in a divorce, causing mental anguish for everyone involved. While it is understandable that each parent wants child custody, often, only one is chosen. However, parents should agree to work in the best interest of their children with the aid of family law in Pasco County, FL.

Even if the court names you as the custodial parent, you can work out an agreement with your ex-spouse that allows you both quality time with your children. The Law Office of James R. Jones, JR., P.A. can offer you advice and guidance about time-sharing. Spending time with both their parents will help give your children a feeling of stability even though they do not live with you and your former spouse at the same time. Instead of making your children feel as if they have to choose one parent or the other, sharing allows them to have a strong relationship with you both.

Remember, if you have children, they are the most important factors in the divorce process. Family law professionals agree that you and your ex-spouse can prevent lasting emotional damage to your children by deciding to share time.