What to Do When a Spouse Wants a Divorce

People Talking to Divorce Lawyers

A divorce is a very emotionally challenging life event for couples. During these stressful times, knowing what to do with yourself and how to act around your spouse can be difficult. Our divorce lawyers in Pasco County, FL, want to help you through the process.

Remember, your goal is to do what is best for you and your relationship with your spouse, which can help the divorce process run more smoothly. Here are some of the recommendations on how to act moving forward when your spouse wants a divorce:

Be Confident – No matter what the future brings, you must approach it confidently.

Be Open to Questions & Concerns – Allow your spouse to come to you with any questions or concerns they might have. Be an active and engaged listener and be patient about any discussions regarding your marriage, if it is worth saving, or why a divorce might be the best route for both of you.

Be Your Best Self – This is not the time for you to fall apart, go into a rage, or get vengeful. While it might be difficult, you should try to muster up the best attitude you can manage.

Be Respectful – You should behave respectfully not just toward your spouse, but also toward yourself.

Don’t Engage in Arguments – You might find your spouse to be argumentative during this time. It is important to remember not to take the bait if your spouse tries to push your buttons—even if that means simply walking away.

Keep Busy – Continue your day-to-day activities or maybe even add some new ones. Call up friends or other family members and see if they want to go out and do something with you. Try a new hobby, start exercising, and visit a place of worship. Continue living, despite what happens with your marriage.

Give Your Spouse Space – Since your relationship is ending, it is crucial to give your spouse space during this time. Don’t question them about their whereabouts or schedule. You also don’t need to volunteer your whereabouts or schedule to them.