How Child Support Lawyers Help Cases with Adult Children

When you think of child support, you probably imagine someone under 18. Ordinarily, this would be true; however, in some circumstances, adult children require an extension of support as determined by the court system. If you aren’t sure whether your situation qualifies, it is best to speak to child support lawyers in Hernando County, FL. They understand the law and will help determine whether your case qualifies for extended support.

Extraordinary Circumstances

Child support extends to those over 18 in what is considered extraordinary circumstances. There are two situations where this section of law may apply:

1) A child has reached 18 but still lives at home and is expected to graduate high school before their 19th birthday.

2) A child has reached 18 but is still dependent on one parent due to mental or physical incapacity.

While the first instance is straightforward, the second can create complications that result in disputes. According to Florida law, the incapacity must be “severe” to qualify for adult child support. However, determining severity is up to the courts, which may or may not rule in your favor based on the details of the case.

As your child approaches 18, if they have mental or physical disabilities, contact an experienced attorney to help navigate the complexity of the court system. There is no question that a child support lawyer is your best advocate when you want to protect your child’s future.