The Claims Process: Learn from a Car Accident Lawyer in Hernando County, FL

After a collision, you may find yourself confused by the seemingly endless insurance procedures. Let our car accident lawyer in Hernando County, FL, simplify matters for you. To start, you should understand what the claims process is and how it affects you.

What Is the Auto Insurance Claim Process?

When you file an auto insurance claim, you are requesting financial compensation for any vehicular damage or injuries suffered in an accident. While the procedures vary between insurers, it’s typically the same process. First, you call the insurance company or contact them online or via an app with your information and any documentation about the accident (including a police report.) Typically, you contact the insurer of whoever caused the damage.

Here is why you want a car accident lawyer on your side during this process: the insurance company will assign an adjuster to your case whose job it is to assess your damage and give an estimate of what they will cost. Ultimately, they work for the insurance company and will do their best to minimize how much their employer must pay. Based on their findings, the insurer will offer you a payment that is as low as they can justify. Rather than accept what you’re initially offered, you should contact a car accident lawyer to fight on your behalf for the compensation you really deserve.