Child Support Modification in Spring Hill, FL

For many of our clients, the final agreement on divorce is not the end. While the case is binding, it’s not permanent. Certain aspects can be renegotiated, including issues of child custody and support. Whether you’re initiating changes or are being asked to alter the agreement, you need experienced legal help for child support modifications in Spring Hill, FL. At the Law Office of James R. Jones Jr., P.A., we believe in protecting your interests from start to finish, regardless of how long it takes.

There are many reasons for parents to request child support modifications. Significant changes to income can lead to reestablishing child custody and support plans. Other times, one parent relocates and support payments need reexamination.

Under the guidance of our child support modification team, your concerns and rights will be represented by a committed family law attorney. We represent anyone, whether you’re the petitioner and are seeking the changes, or if you’re the respondent and are being asked to alter the agreement. For your concerns, you won’t find a more experienced or compassionate firm.

The Assistance You Need, When You Need It

In order to amend a divorce decree, one party must show that substantial changes have occurred. Our research team investigates each claim to provide coverage for you. You never want any surprises in arbitration meetings or court hearings, and we ensure there aren’t any for you. Simple but thorough research will validate your claims or will protect you from unfair assertions. Because we have so much experience on both sides of divorce modifications, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands.

Once we verify the facts, we advocate on your behalf during the negotiations. Nothing slips by our team after we start. While most cases resolve in private arbitration, sometimes they do go to court. Just like during initial divorce proceedings, we stand by you the entire way. With us, you’ll receive compassionate and steadfast legal assistance.

File Your Motion to Modify Confidently

Finances are often tied up in divorce modifications. Incomes change, and so parties want to amend agreements to reflect the new situation. You cannot afford to hire a modification attorney who doesn’t understand every detail about personal finance. We go through all requests to alter spousal support, division of property, and other matters. If the divorce is less than a year old, substantial proof is often required. That’s why we sit down with you and examine all relevant information to give you the best chance.

Contact us today to get the answers to your questions about child support modification. We proudly serve clients in Spring Hill, Florida, and surrounding areas.