Learn How a Domestic Abuse Lawyer Can Help

Working with a domestic abuse lawyer in Hernando County, FL, can significantly assist a victim. While hiring an attorney to seek help from the state court system is not required, an experienced attorney understands the realities of a domestic violence situation and knows what to do to assist the victim throughout the legal process. Some of the different ways an attorney can help in a domestic abuse situation include the following:

  • Protecting the Victim – A domestic abuse lawyer can show victims a way out of their predicaments by helping them find a safe place to live and obtaining a legal order to prevent contact between the perpetrator and the victim.
  • Filing a Lawsuit – In severe cases, domestic violence victims could incur costs for medical treatment or be unable to work. An attorney will help file a lawsuit to recover for such damages, as well as to fight for payment for pain and suffering.
  • Filing for Divorce – If the perpetrator and the victim are married, the attorney can help the victim navigate the muddy terrain of filing for divorce. This includes assisting the victim in seeing all the options available to them and pointing them toward the necessary resources to help them in breaking free from an abusive marriage.
  • Helping the Victim Attain Child Custody – Children can sometimes be used as emotional pawns against the victim by the perpetrator. A domestic violence attorney can assess the circumstances and provide legal advice on how child custody might play out in the event of a divorce.
  • Helping the Victim Receive Spousal Support – Domestic violence attorneys help victims receive alimony from their ex-spouses and child support payments.
  • Represents the Victim in Court – The domestic abuse lawyer plays a significant role in representing victims in court and dealing with their abusers, reducing the number of interactions the victims will have with the perpetrator.