Questions You Should Ask Your Adoption Lawyer

In most instances, your choice of attorney should rest on effective litigation abilities. However, when considering adoption, it is best to find someone you can get along with and who understands your situation. Since your Hernando County, FL, adoption lawyer must communicate with the birth parents, you need to feel confident in their opinion and advice.

A Question of Experience

There are several questions you should ask to get a sense of your adoption lawyer’s experience:

  • How long have you been an adoption lawyer?
  • What is your case history for non-relative adoptions?
  • How much of your practice is devoted to adoptions?
  • Do you handle both open and confidential adoptions?
  • Do you actively assist in finding birth parents, as well as managing the legal requirements?

Being Prepared

One essential question is whether a practice has experience with birth mothers who change their minds. Your lawyer should prepare you for the possibility that an expectant mother may decide to keep her baby. Most experienced adoption lawyers have dealt with this type of circumstance and can offer guidance should it occur.

Finally, speak to other parents that have adopted. They can offer advice and share stories, giving you a sense of the process. Use all the resources available, including your adoption lawyer, and you will feel much more prepared for what is to come.