What Qualifies for Domestic Abuse?

Unfortunately, domestic violence is still a problem in today’s society. One of the key ways to help stamp out this destructive behavior is learning to recognize it when we see it. As a domestic abuse lawyer in Hernando County, FL, we have worked on many cases and understand just how many different forms this insidious behavior can come in. That is why we want to help you recognize it, understand it, and hopefully help end this scourge.

When we talk about domestic abuse, we usually immediately think of physical harm, such as hitting, kicking, biting, punching, or pulling. While most people understand this, what they don’t know is that physical abuse can happen to men as well as women. As a matter of fact, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence says that 25% of men suffer bodily harm due to domestic violence.

Another form of interpersonal exploitation is sexual abuse. This does not always look like an assault; sexual abuse can also take the form of guilting someone into intercourse or belittling bedroom performance.

Controlling behavior is also another form of domestic abuse. In this situation, the controlling partner may track outside communications, enforce dress codes, and make constant demands on their victims. These victimized partners must then be open to the concept that what is happening to them amounts to emotional abuse.