Estate Planning Myths: Advice from an Estate Planning Lawyer in Hernando County, FL – Part 1

Estate planning may not be a happy subject to discuss, but its crucial to your life plan. Getting organized and hiring an estate planning lawyer in Hernando County, FL, will help ensure that your loved ones have what they need when you pass. There are many myths and misconceptions regarding estate planning that you’ll want to avoid so that you don’t leave your family in a scramble once you are gone. Here are the top three myths about estate planning you should know:

Estate Planning Is Only for the Wealthy

Everyone benefits from retaining an estate planning lawyer and putting a plan into place, not just wealthy people. It doesnt matter how much material wealth you have; you still want to be sure that whatever is there goes to the person or people of your choice.

I’m Too Young For Estate Planning

Sadly, we all know that life can change at any time. Any estate planning lawyer will tell you that it doesnt matter how old we are; putting an estate plan in action as early as possible is the smartest thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

Everything Will Go To My Spouse Anyway

While being married does make things seem easier, many occurrences can change that. What if your spouse remarries, or if you both pass together? What if there are certain items youd like to go to your children? These situations are common, and without an estate plan, your finances will be in disarray.