Paying After 18: Learn from Child Support Lawyers in Hernando County, FL

Most people assume that support payments end once the child turns 18. However, this often isn’t the case in Florida. State laws contain a provision that extends child support payments until their high school graduation, although exceptions exist. When you want to know more, talk to our child support lawyers in Hernando County, FL, to get answers to your specific inquiries.

The Maximum is 19

For most cases, 19 years old is the maximum age for a child in Florida to be eligible for child support payments. If they graduate high school after 18 but before 19, the support payments will terminate on the day of their graduation.

However, if the child is definitely not on track to graduate high school before the age of 19, then support payments will end on the 18th birthday. Talk to a child support lawyer to determine whether your case falls under this provision.

Support Can Continue After 19

Florida state law recognizes that children with certain disabilities may be unable to become self-supporting adults. In these rare cases, support payments can last for their lifetime. To qualify for this extension, the child’s status must be recognized in the text of the final court order or a later support modification before they reach age 18. If the child reaches 18 without this legal recognition and their support ends, the case cannot be reopened. Learn more by consulting with an experienced child support lawyer.