woman hugging her friend

Tips for Helping a Victim of Domestic Violence

If you suspect or know that someone is a victim of domestic violence, you may feel clueless about the best way to help. Don’t let a fear of saying or doing the wrong thing prevent you from reaching out. Waiting for the perfect time or words could keep you from using the opportunity to change a life.

Any domestic abuse lawyer in Hernando County, FL, will advise you to use these tips to help support someone in this situation before they can hire a domestic abuse lawyer.

Make Time for Them

If you feel you want to reach out to a victim of abuse, do so during a time of calm. Getting involved when the situation is hot can put you in danger. Additionally, if the person decides to share years of pent-up fear and experiences, you’ll need plenty of time to hear them out.

Start a Conversation

You can bring up the subject of domestic violence by saying,Im concerned about your safety…” or “I have noticed some changes that concern me…” It may be appropriate to suggest they contact a domestic abuse lawyer.

Listen Without Judgment

If the person does decide to share with you, try to listen without being judgmental or offering advice or solutions. If you actively listen, the person will tell you specifically what they need. Just give them the opportunity to do so.