Grandparents with Grandchildren

What Grandparent’s Visitation Rights Are to a Child of Divorce

Child visitation can get complicated in even the most clear-cut divorce. For grandparents, the situation can be even more confusing. Our firm is here to answer your questions about this aspect of family law in Hernando County, FL.

While it’s universally agreed that the emotional bond between grandparents and grandchildren is important, the laws surrounding this issue vary widely state to state. Florida, unfortunately, has some of the strictest policies regarding grandparents’ rights. If the parent with primary custody disallows grandparent visitation from the other side of the family, the courts can only intervene in rare cases.

In Florida, family law courts have recently trended towards upholding parents’ fundamental right to decide what’s in a child’s best interest. Thus, it’s difficult for grandparents to be awarded visitation rights. However, it’s not impossible, so discuss the details of your case with a qualified attorney. They’ll give you their professional opinion on whether your case is worth pursuing or if you’re better off trying to settle the matter personally.

Florida family law does allow grandparents to retain visitation rights if the child has been removed from the parent’s home and become a dependent of the state. However, the grandparents are responsible for all transportation costs and must arrange visits through the caseworker.