Modifying a Support Order with Child Support Lawyers

Discussing Case With Child Support Lawyers in Hernando County, FL

Support orders aren’t meant to be set in stone. The court recognizes that the circumstances of either parent may change suddenly or that terms decided years ago may need to be adjusted to suit the child’s needs. The following are some things you should know before talking to child support lawyers in Hernando County, FL, about modifying an order.

Either Parent May Request a Change: Regardless of which end of the support arrangement you are on, you have the right to file a petition with the circuit court for an update. You may also ask the Florida Department of Revenue’s Child Support Program for a review if you don’t want to file a petition immediately. Talk to a child support lawyer to determine which approach is most appropriate for your case.

You Must Demonstrate a Change in Circumstances: Whether you need to increase support from the contributing parent or decrease your payments, whoever is seeking change has the burden of proving it is necessary. In many cases, the change in circumstances must be substantial, permanent, and involuntary. For example, if either the child or a paying parent has become disabled, a change may be granted.

Time Makes a Difference: If the support order was set or updated recently, you will have a more difficult time getting any changes—although it is not impossible. Consult with a child support lawyer to explore your modification options.