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The Challenge of Domestic Abuse with Same-Sex Partners

A Couple With Their Child

Domestic abuse is never an easy topic to talk about, but it is crucial to shed light on this issue in same-sex relationships. Domestic abuse in same-sex relationships is often a taboo topic in our society, and many victims feel ashamed and unable to seek help. The legal challenges that come with domestic abuse in same-sex relationships can make it even harder to obtain the necessary legal representation. As a domestic abuse lawyer in Hernando County, FL, we understand the complexity of this issue and are here to help.

Domestic abuse in same-sex relationships often goes unnoticed due to social stigma and a lack of awareness. Many people still believe that domestic violence occurs only in heterosexual relationships, which is a misconception. In same-sex relationships, domestic abuse is often marked by controlling behavior, emotional abuse, and physical violence. The victims often find it hard to reach out to a lawyer for help as they fear being judged and ridiculed.

Moreover, the legal landscape adds to their struggles as same-sex domestic abuse victims face unique challenges. The legal system often doesn’t provide adequate protection and support to same-sex couples compared to heterosexual couples. Victimized partners may not be able to get an injunction, as the relationship is not recognized under Florida law. As a result, they could be at risk of future abuse.

Our law firm understands the legal complexities of these issues and can provide legal resources and assistance to same-sex couples. We can guide you through the legal proceedings and ensure that you obtain the legal protection and representation you need to overcome this challenge.

Additionally, if you find yourself in a domestic abuse situation, seek help immediately. Reach out to a domestic abuse lawyer for support and resources. Many resources are available that can help, including counseling, shelters, and hotlines. You don’t have to suffer alone. The more quickly you act, the better your chances for a positive outcome.

How Divorce Affects Estate Planning

A Home Being Split After a Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a challenging and often painful experience, but the legal process doesn’t end when the divorce is finalized. Instead, it can have far-reaching effects, even in unexpected areas, such as estate planning. Divorce can have a significant impact on your estate plan, which is why it’s essential to consult with a skilled estate planning lawyer in Hernando County, FL, before and after filing for divorce. In this post, we’ll explore the ways in which divorce can affect estate planning and why you need to take action to protect your interests.

Changing Beneficiaries – One of the critical aspects of estate planning is choosing who will inherit your assets upon your death. After a divorce, your former spouse will usually be removed as a beneficiary from your will, trusts, and any other financial instruments where they were named. If you forget to update your beneficiaries, your ex-spouse may still be legally entitled to a share of your assets.

Custody of Your Children – After a divorce, you may want to update your estate plan to reflect the new custody situation. For example, you may want to change guardianship details for minor children, or you may want to revise the distribution of assets for adult children based on their new financial situation.

Updating Powers of Attorney – Before and after a divorce, it’s crucial to consider updating and revising your Powers of Attorney documents. These documents name individuals who will make healthcare and financial decisions on your behalf if you’re unable to do so. If your ex-spouse is still named in these documents, they may legally have control over your healthcare and financial decisions.

Asset Distribution – Divorce can make it necessary to revise your estate plan to ensure your finances and assets are managed according to your wishes. You may wish to ensure that your assets are distributed to children, trustees, or beneficiaries who you trust, rather than your ex-spouse or their heirs.

Tax Implications – Divorce can impact your estate tax obligations, and you may need to take this into account when creating or updating your estate plan.

Determining Fault When in a Car Accident with a Bicyclist

A Person in the City With a Bicycle

Car accidents can be traumatizing experiences, and when those accidents involve bicycles, determining fault can be even more complex. With more people taking bicycles as a means of transportation to work, school, and leisure activities, it is essential to understand the legal implications should an accident occur. If you find yourself in a car accident with a bicyclist, determining fault can be a challenge, and you may need to seek the expertise of a car accident lawyer in Hernando County, FL.

When an accident occurs between a bicycle and a car, determining fault is essential. In almost all cases, car drivers have a legal obligation to watch out for cyclists on the road. Florida law requires motorists to keep a safe distance of at least three feet from cyclists and to give them the right of way. However, sometimes, the accident may be caused by the cyclist who failed to follow the rules of the road, such as running a red light or failing to signal a turn. That’s why you need a knowledgeable car accident lawyer who can gather evidence and witnesses to help determine who is at fault.

One crucial piece of evidence that a car accident lawyer may investigate is the condition of the bicyclist’s bike. If the bike is not in good working condition, such as worn-out brakes or a flat tire, it may be a contributing factor in the accident. A bike that is not visible to drivers, such as one without reflectors or lights, may also contribute to the accident. In such cases, the car driver may not be fully responsible for the accident.

The police report is also a crucial piece of evidence that can help determine who is at fault in the accident. Florida law requires all accidents that involve injuries or property damage exceeding $500 to be reported. The police report will contain important information such as the driver’s and cyclist’s statements, witness testimony, and any citations issued for traffic violations. Your car accident lawyer can help you obtain a copy of the police report and analyze it to help determine who is at fault.

Understanding What Happens When Someone Violates a Restraining Order

A Person Arrested for Violating a Restraining Order

A restraining order is a court order that prohibits someone from contacting or coming near a person, location, or object. Restraining orders are commonly issued in cases of domestic violence, stalking, and other situations when there is a substantial risk of harm. However, what happens to a person who violates a restraining order? At the Law Office of James R. Jones, JR., P.A., we understand that instances of domestic abuse can be traumatic. That is why we are here to explain what happens when someone violates a restraining order and how a domestic abuse lawyer in Hernando County, FL, can help you in such situations.

When a person violates a restraining order, they may be subject to immediate arrest, fines, and imprisonment. The severity of the consequences will depend on the nature and extent of the violation. Typically, a person who violates a restraining order will be charged with a misdemeanor, which can lead to up to one year in jail, fines, and probation. However, if the violation involves physical violence, then the person may face felony charges, which carry significantly longer prison terms.

A domestic abuse lawyer can help you understand and follow the orders of a restraining order. If you believe that a restraining order violates your rights, your lawyer can assist you in presenting your case to the court to revise or vacate the restraining order. Conversely, if you need to file a restraining order yourself, your lawyer can ensure that you get the right amount of help and support to do so.

If you’re facing a violation of a restraining order case, it’s essential to hire a skilled domestic abuse lawyer to defend you in court. Your lawyer can evaluate your case, examine the evidence, and build the best possible defense for you. They can also ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process and that you are treated fairly under the law.

Getting in an Auto Accident with a Golf Cart: Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Golf Kart inside a Building

Golf carts are a popular mode of transportation in many communities, especially in Florida. However, just like any other vehicle, golf carts can be involved in accidents. If you find yourself in an auto accident with a golf cart, it can be confusing and overwhelming. Do you need a car accident lawyer in Hernando County, FL, to represent you? In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about getting in an auto accident with a golf cart and how a car accident lawyer can help you.

First and foremost, it’s essential to know that a golf cart accident is considered a motor vehicle accident, meaning that the same legal principles that apply to car accidents also apply to golf cart accidents. This includes determining fault, insurance coverage, and compensation for damages. While golf cart accidents may seem innocent, they can cause injuries and property damage like any other vehicle accident.

When involved in an auto accident with a golf cart, the first step is to seek medical attention if needed. Even if you feel fine, some injuries may not be apparent immediately. Once you’ve taken care of your health, it’s time to gather evidence. Take photos of the accident scene, including damages to the golf cart and any other involved vehicles. Get witness information and exchange insurance information with the other parties involved.

If you’re considering filing a claim for your golf cart accident, it’s crucial to have an experienced car accident lawyer on your side. An attorney can help you navigate the complex legal process, protect your rights, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. They can also gather evidence, determine fault, and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

It’s important to note that golf cart accidents can occur in various settings, including private property, public roads, and golf courses. Depending on where the accident occurs, different laws and regulations may apply. For example, operating a golf cart on public roads requires compliance with traffic laws, while on private property, the property owner’s rules apply. A knowledgeable car accident lawyer can help you understand these laws and navigate your case accordingly.

Don’t Let These Common Divorce Mistakes Ruin Your Case

A Couple Upset at Each Other

Divorce is not easy, it’s emotionally and mentally draining. With all the drama, tension, and frustration during the process, people often make mistakes that sabotage their case. At the Law Office of James R. Jones, JR., P.A., we have seen clients make common mistakes that can devastate their goals for the divorce. Being aware of your actions is critical for the success of your case. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make during a divorce. If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in Hernando County, FL, here’s some helpful advice to keep in mind.

Failing to Hire a Divorce Lawyer – One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not hiring an experienced divorce lawyer. It’s not advisable to represent yourself in a divorce case. A divorce lawyer knows divorce laws and can guide you in making informed decisions about the division of property, child custody, child support, and alimony.

Ignoring the Finances – Many people overlook the financial aspects of their divorce. Reviewing and understanding your financial documents and taxes before you start the divorce process is important. Creating a realistic budget and objectively valuing your assets and debts is essential.

Letting Emotions Control Actions – Divorce is overwhelming and can cause both spouses to become emotional and irrational. Emotional decisions such as hiding assets, making unreasonable demands, or responding angrily can backfire. It’s essential to keep your emotions under control and approach issues with a level head to make strategic decisions that benefit you.

Being Unprepared – Divorce can be complicated and take time. It’s easy to get caught unaware or unprepared. Preparation avoids mistakes that can cost you the settlement you deserve. Keep all divorce-related documents, keep notes on significant events, and create a timeline. Share all pertinent information with your lawyer.

Failing To Communicate with Your Lawyer – Sometimes, clients feel like they can handle the divorce on their own. Or they don’t want to bother the lawyer with details. Communication is the foundation of a successful attorney-client relationship. It’s essential to share information, ask questions, and be clear about your expectations.

Don’t Let These Common Financial Mistakes Sabotage Your Divorce Case

A Couple Going Over Divorce Papers

Filing for divorce can be an emotional roller coaster, but don’t let your emotions cloud your financial judgment. At the Law Office of James R. Jones, JR., P.A., our divorce lawyers in Pasco County, FL, have seen many cases where financial mistakes have a significant impact on the outcome of divorce settlements. It’s essential to avoid common financial errors during your divorce to ensure lasting financial stability.

Hiding Assets – One of the most common mistakes includes hiding assets. Hiding assets can lead to accusations of fraud, which can cause you to lose your credibility in front of the judge and can lead to a harsher settlement. Instead, disclose all your assets and be upfront about any debts accumulated during the marriage.

Not Considering Future Tax Implications – The impact of taxes is often overlooked in divorce cases. It is important to understand the tax implications of any settlements reached. Consult with a financial expert to calculate the impact of future taxes on any potential settlements.

Not Updating Beneficiaries & Wills – Many individuals forget to update their wills and beneficiary forms during the divorce process. If your ex-spouse is still listed as the beneficiary of any accounts, they will have access to those funds despite the divorce. Make sure you update your wills and beneficiary forms as soon as possible.

Not Consulting a Financial Advisor – Divorce proceedings can become complex and confusing when it comes to finances. It is in your best interest to seek advice from a financial advisor to understand the implications of dividing assets and establish a plan for your financial future.

Being Unreasonable During Negotiations – It is crucial to approach negotiations in divorce settlements with a level head. Continuing with an adversarial approach can lead to a long and expensive legal process. Work with a mediator or a divorce lawyer to find a solution that works for both parties.

How to Maximize Your Compensation with a Car Accident Lawyer

A Car on a Tow Truck After an Accident

Car accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Unfortunately, these incidents can cause significant injury or even death. If you find yourself in this situation, knowing how to make a claim and maximize your compensation is essential. Hiring a car accident lawyer in Hernando County, FL, is a crucial first step.

Compile Evidence – Before you meet with your lawyer, make sure you compile all the necessary evidence related to the accident. Evidence can include police reports, medical records and bills, photographs, and witness statements, among other things. Your lawyer will use this information to build a case against the other party and maximize your compensation.

Get Medical Attention – Your health should be your priority after a car accident. Visit a doctor or hospital to get the medical attention you need and document your injuries. Your lawyer will need this information when calculating compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, disability, and more.

Assess Your Damages – To maximize your compensation, you must assess the damages incurred because of the accident. The evaluation includes both monetary and non-monetary damages such as medical expenses, lost income, property damage, pain and suffering, and future medical expenses.

Negotiate with Insurance Companies – Insurance companies may try to pay the lowest amount possible to settle an accident claim. However, a skilled car accident lawyer can leverage the evidence and damages assessment to demand fair compensation from insurance companies. A lawyer can also negotiate on your behalf and ensure that your interests are protected.

File a Lawsuit – If the negotiations with the insurance company fail to produce satisfactory results, your attorney will file a lawsuit to protect your interests in court. In such a case, the lawyer will argue your case and present the evidence to the jury, judge, or arbitrator as appropriate.

How a Domestic Abuse Lawyer Can Help in Custody Cases

A Lawyer Doing Research for a Domestic Abuse Case

Domestic violence is a serious issue that affects many families. In the state of Florida, domestic violence allegations can impact child custody cases. If you are a domestic violence victim or have been accused of domestic violence, working with a domestic abuse lawyer in Hernando County, FL, can make a difference in your custody case.

Domestic violence is a serious issue that is taken into consideration in custody cases, and Florida law recognizes that children exposed to domestic violence may be harmed. The court considers the child’s best interests when making custody decisions, and domestic abuse can be a crucial factor in determining a child’s best interests.

A domestic abuse lawyer can help you gather evidence of domestic violence and how it affects your child’s well-being. They can also help you understand how to present that evidence to the court and how to argue for a custody arrangement that protects your child’s safety and well-being.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, a domestic abuse lawyer can help you defend yourself and protect your custody rights. They can also help you understand your legal options and defend you against false allegations.

What Types of Car Accidents Can Take Place? Understanding the Risks

A Person Towing a Car After an Accident

No one plans on getting into a car accident, but they still happen all too frequently. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were over 6.7 million police-reported vehicle crashes in the United States in 2018 alone. Even the most careful and cautious drivers can find themselves involved in an accident due to the actions of others on the road.

That is why it is important to understand the different types of car accidents that can occur and to know what to do if you are injured in one. As a car accident lawyer in Hernando County, FL, we have seen all types of car accidents and know how to help victims fight for the compensation they deserve. Here are some of the most common types of vehicular accidents:

Rear-End Collisions – These types of accidents occur when one vehicle hits the back of another vehicle. They are the most common type of car accident and can happen at any speed. They often cause neck and back injuries.

T-Bone Accidents – Also known as side-impact collisions, T-bone accidents occur when one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle, creating a “T” shape. These types of accidents can cause serious injuries and even death.

Head-On Collisions – Head-on collisions are some of the most serious car accidents and occur when two vehicles hit each other head-on. They often result in severe injuries and fatalities.

Rollover Accidents – Rollover accidents occur when a vehicle flips over onto its roof or side. These types of accidents can happen in SUVs, trucks, and other high-profile vehicles. They can cause serious injuries and even death.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents – Multi-vehicle accidents involve three or more vehicles and can be very complex. These types of auto accidents can happen on highways and can cause serious injuries and fatalities.

Why You Should Consider Looking into Estate Planning for the New Year

A Lawyer Getting Ready to Discuss Estate Planning

It is never too early to start planning for the future, and as a new year quickly approaches, it is essential to start thinking about the future. One area that often goes overlooked is estate planning. While it may not be the most exciting topic, it is an important one that should not be ignored. That is why our estate planning lawyer in Hernando County, FL, wants to share why you should consider looking into estate planning for the new year.

Estate planning is the process of preparing for the transfer of your assets after you pass away. It involves creating a will, establishing trusts, naming beneficiaries, and more. Without proper estate planning, your assets may not be distributed according to your wishes, and your loved ones may not receive the inheritances you intend for them.

One reason to consider estate planning is to minimize taxes and avoid probate. By planning ahead, you can ensure that your assets are distributed in a way that reduces tax liability and avoids a lengthy and costly probate process, saving your loved ones’ time and money.

Another reason to consider estate planning is to protect your loved ones in the event of unexpected disability or incapacity. With powers of attorney, healthcare directives, and other estate planning tools, you can ensure that your wishes are followed even if you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

Estate planning can also help you plan for the future of your business. If you own a business, you can use estate planning to ensure that it is smoothly transitioned to your chosen successor upon your retirement or death.

What Papers Do I Need to Have Prepared Before Filing for Divorce?

An Attorney Going over Divorce Papers

Filing for a divorce can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when it comes to the paperwork involved. One of the most common mistakes that people make is not having the necessary paperwork prepared before filing for divorce. It is important to understand what documents you need to have ready in order to have a successful and smooth process.

As divorce lawyers in Pasco County, FL, our office has come across clients who have not been adequately prepared at the time of their filing. That is why, today, we will discuss the essential documents you need to have prepared before filing for divorce.

Financial Documents – Before filing for divorce, gather all of your financial documents. This includes bank statements, tax returns, credit card statements, and other relevant documents that show your assets and debts.

Property Documents – You will need titles for any property that you and your spouse own jointly, including real estate, cars, and other items.

Proof of Residence – Make sure you have proof of residency before filing for divorce. You will need to show proof that you have been a resident in the state in which you are filing for divorce for a required amount of time. This can include utility bills, driver’s licenses, and other forms of identification that personally identify your residency.

Information About Children – If you have children, getting documentation on their health records, immunization records, and school information ahead of time can be helpful. Additionally, it is important to gather documentation on child custody agreements, child support payment arrangements, and other child-related expenses that can become instrumental in the litigation process.

Documentation for Spousal Support – If you believe you are entitled to spousal support either before or after the divorce proceedings, get all the necessary documentation ready. This includes salary documents from both parties involved, any contributed assets in a partnership, and the spectrum of expenses incurred during the marriage life between the couple.

How to Spot Red Flags in a Domestic Abuse Relationship

Someone Disturbed By Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse can take many forms, including physical, emotional, and financial abuse. Knowing how to identify red flags early on is crucial to prevent a situation from escalating. As experienced domestic abuse lawyers in Hernando County, FL, we have seen countless cases of domestic abuse and have helped numerous individuals escape such situations. Today, we will discuss how to spot the red flags of domestic abuse and why it is essential to seek help immediately.

Intense Jealousy & Possessiveness – One of the earliest signs of a potentially abusive relationship is an intense level of possessiveness and jealousy. An abusive partner may begin to monopolize your time and limit your communication with friends and family. They may also accuse you of cheating or flirting with others. This behavior can be the first sign that your partner is becoming controlling and may lead to further forms of abuse.

Emotional Manipulation – Emotional manipulation can be one of the most challenging signs of domestic abuse to identify, as it is often subtle. Abusive partners may use negative reinforcement and shame to control their partner. They may try to make you feel guilty or worthless, using emotional manipulation to undermine your confidence and sense of self-worth.

Economic Control – Financial abuse is a form of domestic abuse that can often go unnoticed, particularly if you are unaware of the signs. An abusive partner may try to control your finances by making it difficult for you to access money or forcing you to account for every penny you spend. Watch out for a partner who insists that you give up your job or tries to limit your earning power.

Physical Violence – Physical abuse is one of the most visible forms of domestic abuse but is often preceded by other forms of abuse. Physical abuse can include hitting, kicking, punching, or pushing, and if you suspect that you are in an abusive relationship, it is essential to seek help immediately.

Isolation – One of the most insidious forms of domestic abuse is isolation. Abusive partners may try to cut you off from your friends and family, making it difficult for you to leave the relationship. If your partner is trying to control who you speak to or where you go, it is crucial to seek help before the situation escalates.

How to File a Personal Injury Claim Against the Government

Person Talking About Personal Injury Law

While it is possible to file a personal injury claim against the government, it is a complex area of law that requires the expertise of a personal injury lawyer in Hernando County, FL. The first step in filing your claim against the government is understanding the unique rules and limitations in these cases.

The Florida Tort Claims Act governs these types of cases and sets forth specific procedures that must be followed. For example, there is a strict timeline for filing a claim, which is typically three years from the date of the injury. If you fail to file your claim within this timeframe, you could lose your right to compensation.

Another vital element of filing a personal injury claim against the government is proving negligence. Government entities are held to a high standard of care, and if their actions were careless or reckless and led to your injury, then you may have a case. In these instances, having a personal injury attorney who can conduct a thorough investigation, gather evidence, and build a strong case on your behalf is crucial.

While filing a personal injury claim against the government may seem daunting, it is important to remember that you have rights as an injury victim. If you have been injured due to the negligence of a government entity, do not hesitate to contact a personal injury firm.

What You Need to Know About Same-Sex Divorce in Florida

A Couple Discussing Divorce

Same-sex couples have come a long way in recent years when it comes to securing legal rights and recognition for their relationships. However, with the possibility of same-sex divorce also comes complexity, confusion, and uncertainty. As trusted divorce lawyers in Pasco County, FL, we understand that going through a divorce is never easy and that the legal system and process can be overwhelming. That is why we want to try and clarify some of the intricacies of same-sex divorce in Florida so that individuals seeking to end their marriage can navigate the system with greater ease and confidence.

Residency Requirements – In Florida, at least one member of the couple must have lived in the state for at least six months before filing for divorce.

Child Custody & Support – Same-sex couples seeking a divorce may also need to address issues related to child custody and child support. Florida’s custody laws consider the “best interests” of the child, and the court will review each parent’s ability to provide for the child. Both same-sex and opposite-sex couples must abide by the same laws in Florida regarding divorce and parental rights.

Property Division & Alimony – Same-sex couples must also agree on how to divide their assets, liabilities, and property. Florida follows the “equal distribution” law, meaning that during divorce proceedings, marital assets are split equally between the former spouses unless a judge determines that this would be unfair. In addition, alimony may be granted to either spouse, regardless of gender.

Finding the Right Attorney – Navigating the ins and outs of same-sex divorce can be challenging and complicated. By choosing the right divorce lawyer with experience and expertise in same-sex divorce, you can help ensure that your rights are protected and that your divorce proceeding is handled with sensitivity and compassion.

Can You Adopt an Adult? What You Need to Know.

A Family That Got Help From an Adoption Lawyer

Adopting a child is something that many individuals dream of, but not many think about adopting an adult. Nevertheless, the idea of adopting an adult is gaining popularity, and people are starting to realize that it can bring just as much love and happiness as a traditional adoption. However, the question remains—can you really adopt an adult?

As an adoptions lawyer in Hernando County, FL, we want you to know that adult adoption is not as uncommon as one might think. Adult adoptions usually occur for two reasons: to formalize the relationship between stepparent and stepchild or to formally recognize a foster parent/child relationship. However, the reasons can vary depending on the situation, and the process can differ in different states.

If you are looking to adopt an adult, the process is similar to that of traditional child adoption. You will need to work with a lawyer, file a petition with a court, attend a hearing, and get a final decree of adoption. While it might sound simple, the legal process can be complicated, and that is why it is important to have an experienced adoption lawyer on your side.

One important thing to remember when it comes to adult adoption is that it is not a way to gain inheritance rights or government benefits. It is simply a way to formalize a relationship and show legal recognition of your bond. It is also important to understand that adult adoption does not dissolve the original parent/child relationship but supplements it.

What Happens When You Need to Change Your Divorce Lawyer During a Case?

Hiring a New Divorce Lawyer During a Case

No one enters a marriage thinking they will end up divorcing. It is already a challenging situation that brings much emotional turmoil with it. Unfortunately, divorce is a reality for many people. And for those taking the legal route, hiring divorce lawyers in Pasco County, FL, is a crucial step.

However, there may come a time when you are unhappy with your current divorce lawyer and need to change them. But what happens when that day comes? Firstly, as a client, it is crucial to understand that you have the right to change your divorce lawyer at any time.

If you feel that your current lawyer is not knowledgeable enough, is not responding satisfactorily, or is unresponsive to your questions, you have the right to make a change. But changing your lawyer in the middle of your divorce is not as simple as just letting go of the old one and hiring a new lawyer.

The new divorce lawyer will need time to review your case, gain access to all relevant documents, and become familiar with your prior lawyer’s strategy. Your former lawyer will also need to withdraw from the case and notify the court of the switch. Generally, the new attorney will file a motion with the court to substitute counsel, and the judge must approve the substitution.

Secondly, changing lawyers may mean new retainer fees, hourly rates, and additional costs. It is essential to get the new attorney’s fee schedule in writing and understand what you agree to before signing anything.

Thirdly, the timing of switching lawyers can impact the outcome of your case. It is not best practice to switch mid-trial or right before a significant court appearance. In some cases, it may make more sense to continue with your current divorce lawyer and address your concerns rather than making a costly switch that could hurt your case.

Finally, when you change law firms, your new lawyer will need access to all your case documents promptly. Be sure to have all your documents organized before meeting with your new attorney. These documents can include legal papers, financial records, and court rulings that the case has gone through.

When Do You Need to Hire an Estate Planning Lawyer in Hernando County, FL?

Hire an Estate Planning Lawyer in Hernando County, FL

Estate planning involves making decisions regarding your assets and property distribution while minimizing fees, taxes, and legal disputes after you pass away. A qualified estate planning lawyer can help you navigate this process and ensure your wishes are executed correctly.

However, many wonder when they should consider hiring an estate planning lawyer in Hernando County, FL. Today, we will explore the different circumstances when hiring an attorney becomes necessary.

You Have a Large Estate – If you own considerable assets, including investments, property, savings, and other valuables, it may be wise to hire an estate planning lawyer. An experienced attorney can help you create a comprehensive asset protection plan, reduce tax liability, and ensure that your heirs receive their fair share.

You Have Minor Children or Dependents – If you have minor children or dependents who require special care and attention, hiring an estate planning lawyer is essential. An attorney can help you establish trusts, guardianships, and other legal structures to ensure that their needs are met in the future.

You Own a Business – If you own a business, a comprehensive estate plan is vital to ensure it continues operating smoothly after you pass away. A qualified estate planning lawyer can help you create a succession plan, manage tax liabilities, and protect your business assets.

You Plan to Give to Charity – If you wish to donate to charity, an estate planning lawyer can help you set up a charitable trust or foundation. Additionally, they can aid you with maximizing your philanthropic impact, reducing tax liabilities, and ensuring that your charitable wishes are fulfilled.

You Have Complex or Unique Wishes – If you have unique or complex desires for your estate, an estate planning lawyer is essential. An attorney can help you identify tax-saving strategies, create legal structures, and provide sound legal advice based on your situation.

Understanding Different Types of Damages in a Personal Injury Case

A Woman Suffering from a Personal Injury

A personal injury can involve a wide range of damage, including physical, financial, emotional, and even psychological. As a victim of such accidents, you are entitled to pursue a legal remedy. Today, we will discuss the different types of damage associated with a personal injury case and how a personal injury lawyer in Hernando County, FL, can help through these trying times.

Economic Damages – This type of damage is known as special damages, which include monetary losses, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. Your lawyer can work with medical professionals and economic experts to calculate your economic damages accurately.

Non-Economic Damages – This is also known as general damages, which refer to intangible losses that cannot be quantified objectively, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you determine and prove your non-economic damages.

Punitive Damages – This type of damage is awarded to the victim as a form of punishment for the defendant’s gross negligence or intentional harm. However, punitive damages are only granted in a few cases where the defendant’s behavior was reckless or malicious.

Wrongful Death Damages – When a personal injury case results in a victim’s death, the family may file a lawsuit for wrongful death damages. This type of damage is designed to compensate the family for their loss of financial, emotional, and psychological support.

Future Damages – A personal injury can result in lifelong consequences that may require ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation, and therapy. An expert personal injury lawyer can help you seek compensation for your future damages, ensuring that you can continue your life with fewer financial worries.

Understanding the Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children

A Mom Talking to a Child About Domestic Abuse

Exposure to domestic abuse is an unfortunate and devastating experience that no child should be subjected to. It can have long-lasting effects, both emotionally and mentally. As a domestic abuse lawyer in Hernando County, FL, we have seen how domestic abuse can impact children and families firsthand. That is why we aim to share some insights into the ways in which domestic abuse affects children, as well as provide tips for parents who are trying to cope with such situations.

Impact on Emotional & Mental Health – Domestic abuse can take a toll on a child’s emotional well-being, leading them to develop low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They may struggle with emotional regulation and may have trouble trusting others later in life. These issues can make it challenging for children to develop healthy relationships in the future.

Impact on Academic Performance – Children who have undergone domestic abuse may experience disruptions in their academic performance. They may have trouble concentrating in school, struggle with attendance, and might demonstrate more aggressive behaviors, all of which can lead to lower grades. It can also cause them to miss out on important developmental milestones in their education, which can negatively impact their future career opportunities.

Impact on Relationships – Domestic abuse can impact a child’s ability to form and maintain relationships with others. They may not know how to trust others or build healthy relationships and may struggle to communicate their emotions. These challenges may lead them to form unhealthy relationships, putting themselves at risk of perpetuating the cycle of violence.

Guidance for Parents – If you are a parent dealing with domestic abuse, it is essential to seek help right away. Speak to a domestic abuse lawyer about your options for legal protection. Also, enlist the help of a trained therapist who can guide your child through the recovery process and help them deal with emotional trauma. Inform your child’s school about the situation and inquire about school counseling services available to support their academic and overall well-being.

Do You Have to Go to Court for a Divorce in Florida?

A Couple Talking to Divorce Lawyers in Pasco County Florida

If you are going through a divorce in Florida, you may be wondering if you have to go to court. It is a question that many people ask, and the answer is not always straightforward. However, with the help of experienced divorce lawyers in Pasco County, FL, you can navigate the divorce process with confidence.

Firstly, it is important to understand that going to court is not always necessary for a divorce. If you and your spouse can come to an agreement on all the important issues, such as dividing assets, child custody, and alimony, you may never have to step foot in a courtroom. In this case, your divorce can be finalized through a process called mediation, which is a meeting with a neutral third-party mediator who helps you and your spouse come to an agreement.

However, if you and your spouse have trouble agreeing on any of these issues, it is likely you will need to appear in court. A judge will listen to both sides of the argument and make a decision based on Florida’s divorce laws. It’s important to have an experienced divorce lawyer to represent you in court and ensure your rights are protected.

Going to court can seem daunting, but with the help of a Pasco County divorce lawyer, you can be confident that you are prepared for what’s to come. Your lawyer will guide you through the entire court process, tell you what to expect, and represent you in front of the judge.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce: Tips from Divorce Lawyers in Pasco County, FL

People Talking to a Divorce Lawyer in Hernando County, FL

Divorce can be a difficult and emotional experience for everyone involved, especially children. As divorce lawyers in Pasco County, FL, we have seen the impact that divorce can have on families first-hand, and we know just how important it is to talk to your kids about what is happening.

While it may seem like a daunting task, having open and honest conversations with your children can help them navigate the challenges of divorce and protect their emotional well-being. We hope that these tips from our divorce lawyers help you approach this difficult conversation with confidence and compassion.

Be Honest & Age-Appropriate – The first step in talking to your kids about divorce is to be honest with them about what is happening. Depending on their age and maturity level, you may need to use different language and provide varying levels of detail. However, it is important not to sugarcoat the situation or make promises that you can’t keep. Your children have a right to know what is going on and being honest with them can help build trust and respect.

Remind Them That It’s Not Their Fault – Many children who are going through a divorce may feel like they are to blame. Remind them that the decision to get a divorce is between the parents and has nothing to do with them. It is important to reassure them that both parents love them and will continue to be there for them, even if they are living in separate households.

Validate Their Feelings – Our divorce lawyers know just how much of a rollercoaster of emotions a divorce can be for everyone involved. Your children may feel sad, angry, confused, or even relieved. It is important to validate their feelings and let them know that it is okay to feel however they feel. Encourage them to express their emotions in healthy ways, such as through writing, art, or talking to a trusted friend or family member.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open – Talking to your kids about divorce is not a one-time conversation—it is an ongoing process. Make sure that your children know that they can come to you with any questions or concerns that they have and that you are there to listen and support them. It is important to create a safe and supportive environment where your children feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings.

Seek Professional Help If Needed – If your children are struggling to cope with the divorce, it may be helpful to seek professional help from a therapist or counselor. Our divorce lawyers have seen the positive impact that counseling can have on children going through a divorce. A professional offers a safe space for your children to express their feelings and develop coping strategies to help them navigate this difficult time.

What to Ask a Family Lawyer in a Child Custody Case

Parents Talking to a Family Lawyer in Hernando County, FL

Dealing with child custody issues can be a challenging and emotional experience. Whether you are filing for custody or fighting to maintain your parenting rights, it is crucial to have a skilled and experienced family lawyer on your side. Family law in Hernando County, FL, can be complex, and without the right guidance and support, it is easy to make mistakes that could impact your future and your child’s well-being. That is why we will discuss some of the essential questions that you must ask during a child custody case consultation.

What Is the Lawyer’s Experience in Family Law?

The first question to ask your potential attorney is about their experience in family law. Understanding their background, qualifications, and competence in these types of cases will give you the confidence you need to know you are in good hands.

What Is Your Strategy in Dealing with Child Custody Cases?

Next, ask your potential lawyer about his or her strategy for child custody cases. Ask them how they propose to approach the case, and the possible outcomes for each course of action they suggest. It is important to know how they plan to protect your interests and achieve the custody goals that you have in mind.

Do You Provide Regular Status Updates?

Another good question to ask a prospective family lawyer is about their communication level. During a child custody case, it is important to receive regular case updates and be able to communicate effectively with your attorney. A reliable lawyer should provide regular status updates, respond to your questions and inquiries in a timely manner, and keep you informed of any changes that are happening in your case.

What Are the Fees Associated with Your Legal Services?

Child custody cases can be expensive, so it is crucial to understand what you are paying for when you hire a family lawyer. Asking for their rates, fees, and billing requirements upfront is essential to avoid any financial surprises later. Consider discussing their payment plan options, retainer fee policies, and any other billing details you want to know.

What Is Your Opinion on My Case?

Last, but not least, it is essential to get the attorney’s opinion on your case. Ask them if they believe that you have a good chance of winning custody and what your options may be. It is important to have an honest evaluation of your case, the potential challenges, risks, and benefits, so that you can make informed decisions moving forward.

How to Secure Your Digital Assets with the Help of an Estate Planning Lawyer

A Women Doing Digital Estate Planning in Hernando County, FL

In today’s increasingly digital world, many of us own, create, and store valuable assets online. From social media accounts to digital photographs, music libraries, and online banking information, it is important to think about what would happen to these assets if we were to pass away or become incapacitated. Fortunately, by working with an experienced estate planning lawyer in Hernando County, FL, you can ensure that your digital assets are secure and well-protected.

The Importance of Digital Assets

Digital assets include any type of digital property that you own or have control over. While these assets may not have tangible value, they are still important to consider when creating an estate plan. Why? Because without proper estate planning, digital assets may be lost, deleted, or inaccessible after someone dies or becomes incapacitated. This can lead to significant stress and financial losses for your loved ones.

How an Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help

Employing the services of an estate planning lawyer helps to ensure that your digital assets are secure and well-managed. An experienced attorney helps you create a comprehensive estate plan that includes instructions for managing your digital assets after you pass away or become incapacitated. This may include creating a digital inventory of all your assets, appointing a digital executor, and creating online accounts that your loved ones can access in the event of your incapacity or death.

What You Need to Know About Property Division After a Divorce

Splitting a Property After a Divorce

You and your spouse have likely put a lot of money, time, and effort into creating a life and marriage together. That means if things are not working out and you need to dissolve your relationship, it is crucial to ensure that this property accumulation is appropriately divided.

Divorce lawyers in Pasco County, Florida, can tell you that, in the Sunshine State, divorce law states that all assets and liabilities are distributed between the parties based on “equitable distribution.” That means that the marital property is divided equitably or fairly—not equally.

Generally, assets or liabilities that are non-martial are not subject to equitable distribution. It is the marital property that the two parties have purchased together that will be divided out with fair distribution. If the parties are unable to agree on a division of the debts and assets, then the court will step in to determine the equitable distribution based on several factors, including:

  • The Financial Contribution of Each Spouse to the Marriage
  • The Duration of the Marriage
  • The Economic Circumstances of Each Spouse
  • The Debt Accumulation by Each Respective Spouse
  • The Best Interest of Children Regarding Living in the Martial Home

Why It’s Important to Seek Medical Assistance After a Personal Injury

A Medical Working Attending Someone After a Personal Injury

No one ever plans to be in a car accident. But these unexpected, disrupting events can majorly affect you and your family for years to come—especially if you have been injured. That is why our personal injury lawyer in Hernando County, FL, feels it is essential that you seek professional medical attention after a car accident.

Immediately after an accident, your adrenaline is likely running high. This can make it difficult for you to think straight while also masking some of the pain or underlying injuries you may have experienced. In particular, traumatic brain injuries may not be noticeable until a later date, but can cause significant pain, suffering, and even death if they go untreated.

By getting checked out by a medical professional, you are not only able to identify any injuries you might have endured due to the accident but will also have a written record of the injuries in case you need to take those responsible for the crash to court. A personal injury law firm can help you claim economic damages, including loss of wages, compensation for medical bills, or any other costs associated with your medical care.

Signs & Symptoms of Domestic Abuse

A Woman Who is a Discussing Domestic Abuse

It isn’t always easy to tell whether a relationship will turn abusive. While some warning signs might appear right away, in a lot of situations, the behaviors begin to appear over time and in many different forms. Still, while every relationship is different, there are several signs of domestic violence to watch out for. It is a smart idea to reach out to a domestic abuse lawyer in Hernando County, FL, if you or someone you care about is in a relationship with someone who:

  • Is Jealous of Your Friends & Family
  • Isolates You from Others
  • Controls Your Access to Money
  • Criticizes & Puts You Down
  • Threatens to Take Away or Harm Your Children
  • Intimidates You with Verbal Threats or Weapons
  • Pressures You to Have Sex or Use Drugs or Alcohol

Possessive and controlling behaviors often intensify as your relationship grows. That is why it is a smart idea to take action now before things escalate into an emergency situation. By working with a domestic abuse attorney, you are able to gain a lot of helpful resources that can help you or your loved one get out of their abusive situation. An attorney can help you with safety planning, crisis intervention and counseling, orders of protection, and information and referral services.

Ways a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Determine Who Is at Fault

Determine Who Is at Fault With a Car Accident Lawyer in Hernando County, FL

The actual determination of who is at fault after a car accident is typically made by a judge using information collected from all parties involved in the accident. This includes the individuals, their legal representatives, their insurance claim adjustors, and the police officers who responded to the accident. That means it is crucial to work with a car accident lawyer in Hernando County, FL, that can efficiently and effectively gather the information necessary to help you build your case.

Four critical elements exist to establish fault in a car accident case in Florida. They include:

  • Duty of Care – The responsible driver held a legal duty of care for the injured party’s safety and well-being.
  • Breach of Duty – The responsible driver breached their duty of care through negligence or intent.
  • Causation – This breach of duty caused the accident to occur.
  • Damages – The accident resulted in losses and expenses.

By working with a law firm, an attorney will help establish the at-fault party’s duty of care, demonstrate how their actions led to the accident, and pursue compensation for the injured party’s resulting damages. This helps you build a stronger case that will better illustrate the situation for the judge so they can make an informed judgment when the time comes.

Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Dog Bite?

A Dog Bite That Requires a Personal Injury Lawyer in Hernando County, FL

If a dog has bitten you, you might wonder if you have the legal right to sue its owner. In the Sunshine State, the owner of a dog is strictly liable for any dog bite injury—barring some exceptions, such as if the person bit provoked the dog. That means the owner is responsible for compensating you for your medical bills, future medical bills related to the bite, and any pain and suffering you might have experienced. All that matters to recover compensation is that the dog bit you.

However, getting compensation isn’t as easy as just walking up to the person and asking for it. It does take the work of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Hernando County, FL. By working with a law firm, they will notify the owner of the dog or anyone else liable for the injury of your intent to sue. Your attorney will then continue the process by assisting you with the following:

  • Finding Any Applicable Insurance Coverage That May Cover Your Injury
  • Sending Photos of Your Injuries to the Insurance Adjuster
  • Sending Copies of Your Medical Records & Bills to the Insurance Adjuster
  • Negotiating a Settlement or, If Need Be, Taking Your Case to Trial

Can a Divorce Lawyer Help You Divorce an Overseas Spouse?

Get Help With an Overseas Divorce

Divorce isn’t the easiest process, and it can become even more difficult if you are trying to get a divorce from a soldier or while deployed overseas. While some things can wait for them—or you—to get back, divorce is not one of them. You want to start your new life now, not in six months or longer. But is it even possible to get a divorce when you or your spouse are overseas? With the right divorce lawyer in Hernando County, FL, it is.

If you want to start the divorce process as soon as possible, a law firm specializing in military divorces might be your best solution. There are many additional steps when it comes to getting a divorce while someone is overseas; this includes a law known as the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA). This law gives military members more time to respond to a divorce filing, which can slow down the process by months.

By talking to an experienced divorce lawyer, you will be able to better understand the additional challenges that come with a military divorce. This will allow you to plan your case better so that the process can begin in earnest when you or your spouse are back from overseas.

What Is the Difference Between a Divorce & an Annulment?

Read About Annulment From Our Family Law Attorneys

There are two options available to individuals looking to end a marriage or a domestic partnership legally. They are a divorce and an annulment, and the two have many differences and similarities. As most family law attorneys in Hernando County, Florida, would tell you, the most significant difference between a divorce and an annulment is that a divorce ends a legally valid marriage. In contrast, the annulment formally declares the union to have been legally invalid.

To better understand both divorces and annulments, let’s take a better look at their legal definitions:

Divorce: This is a legal dissolving, termination, and ending of a legally valid marriage. A divorce ends a legal marriage and declares both spouses to be single again.

Annulment: This is a legal ruling that erases a marriage by declaring it null and void and essentially stating that the union was never legally valid. However, the marriage records do remain on file even if the marriage itself is erased. That means an annulment does not mean that your marriage never happened; it simply means that it was never legally valid.

There are different reasons for pursuing an annulment or a divorce, but the core reason for both is that one or both spouses no longer want to be in the union. Divorces are much more common because there are fewer obstacles in the way. For example, a divorce can be due to a fault, such as abandonment, adultery, imprisonment, or no fault due to irreconcilable differences.

On the other hand, an annulment requires that at least one party believes the marriage should have never occurred. While the legal grounds for obtaining an annulment vary from state to state, the most common reasons include believing that one or both of the spouses were forced or tricked into the marriage, that one or both of the spouses were not able to make a decision to marry due to drugs, alcohol, or a mental disability, the marriage was incestuous, bigamy, or one of both of the spouses were not of legal age.

Know the Difference Between Wills & Trusts from an Estate Planning Lawyer

A House In Need of an Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning is a very broad—and sometimes confusing—topic. There are countless options available to those looking to begin planning their estate, and it might be difficult to figure out which option is the best for you. Today, our estate planning lawyer in Hernando County, FL, is going to look at the differences between two of the most well-known estate planning options: wills and trusts.

While there are some similarities between a will and a trust, it is crucial to understand their differences to ensure you are picking the right option for your needs. Here are some of the differences you should know about:

Wills Are Subject to Probate – A will must be probated after your death to be effective. On the other hand, a fully funded trust can eliminate the need to probate your estate. This is because a trust does not cease to exist when you die and can be passed on to your beneficiaries without needing court approval.

Trusts Distribute Faster – Since a will has to go through probate, it usually won’t be distributed for at least 6-12 months after your death. It isn’t uncommon to see the probate process take upwards of two years to complete, either. Trusts are often distributed within 30-60 days.

Wills Take Effect After Your Death, Trusts Take Effect Right Now – If you find yourself in a medical situation, such as a coma, where you are still alive but unable to function, your will is not available to assist you since it will only go into effect after you have passed. A trust, however, will be effective immediately upon signing, which will help your family get the funds faster.

Learn From Our Personal Injury Lawyer

Tort law in Florida relates to any civil case where the party bringing the action is seeking compensation for damages. Basically, torts are just another word for any civil wrong that causes harm—such as a personal injury case. These damages can include mental and physical pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, and medical expenses . The party bringing the lawsuit will seek damages that have occurred in the past as well as any damages that they are reasonably sure of to occur in the future.

As a personal injury lawyer in Hernando County, FL, I can tell you that some of the different types of torts you are likely to see include all kinds of negligence, including legal and medical negligence, defective product litigation, assault and battery, slander or libel, intentional infliction of emotional distress, trespass, and a variety of other actions.

The law of torts does differ from state to state, however. Florida is a common law state where a trial court judge is required to follow the appellate decisions of appeals courts, the Supreme Court of Florida, and the Supreme Court of the United States. They are also required to follow statutes passed by the legislature or federal laws passed by Congress.

In Florida, lawyers that handle personal injury and tort cases do so on a contingency fee basis. This means that they take a percentage of recovery and advance all other costs rather than being paid on an hourly basis.

Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer If Your Uber Gets in an Accident?

Be Prepared With a Car Accident Lawyer

Millions of people are using Uber and other rideshare companies to get to work, go to school, or enjoy a night out on the town. In fact, it has become a real lifesaver for many who don’t drive or can’t afford a car. While these rideshare companies provide an excellent service to those that need them, it is important to remember that the drivers are just regular people. That means they can still get in accidents, just like the rest of us.

So, what happens if you get hurt in an Uber accident? The first thing you need to do is make sure you call a car accident lawyer in Hernando County, FL. This attorney can then negotiate with the driver’s insurance company to help you attain the compensation you deserve. They will also take the fight to the people responsible for the accident to ensure they are held accountable.

Here is a list of what you should do following an Uber accident in Florida:

  1. Call 911
  2. Write Down a Description of the Accident Scene & Road Conditions
  3. Write Down the Names & Contact Information of Any Witnesses
  4. Take Pictures of Any Injuries, the Cars, and the Scene Itself
  5. Take Statements Made by the Drivers Involved
  6. Get the License & Insurance Information for All Parties Involved
  7. Take Screenshots of All Your Uber Information



How a Child Support Lawyer Can Help You Write a Narrative

A Child Support Lawyer Can Help You Write a Narrative

The family court system is very crowded. That means it isn’t uncommon for child custody and support judges to base their decisions partially or entirely on written statements. These sworn statements are called a declaration, and if you write one, you are sworn to tell the truth, just as you would if you were testifying in front of the judge in person.

This declaration letter is a statement on your behalf that presents your insights and evidence regarding your child custody or support case. This letter can then be reviewed by the judge, your child’s guardian ad litem, and anyone else who can influence the case’s outcome. Needless to say, it is very important to get this letter right since it plays such a significant role in the outcome of your situation.

To make sure your declaration is correct, working with child support lawyers in Hernando County, FL, is a smart idea. These attorneys are able to help you review and edit your declaration letter before you post it to make sure that all of your major points are highlighted and adequately backed up with relevant evidence. They can also help you walk the fine line of sharing your concerns without insulting or bashing your ex.

How Adoption Lawyers Can Help You Adopt a Baby

A Family Who Got Help From an Adoption Lawyer

Adoption is a wonderful way to bring children to families that will love them. The actual adoption process, however, can be quite challenging for families that are looking to share their love with a new child. Thankfully, an adoptions lawyer in Hernando County, FL, can help you through the process. How? By guiding you through the entire process from start to finish to ensure each step is performed accurately.

In most situations, an adoption lawyer works on your behalf to find an expectant mother that would be a good match for your family. Usually, this attorney will have a pool of expectant mothers that have come to them through advertising, referrals, or former clients. They will then go through the list to find the best fit for you and your family.

While there aren’t any hard or fast rules when it comes to the adoption timeline, by working with an attorney, 60% of families find a match within just one year. This still always comes down to each individual situation, which is why it is a good idea to have a professional assisting you throughout the process. The attorney will then help you with all of the paperwork and finalize the adoption process to make your new family whole.

What Is Comparative Negligence in a Personal Injury Case?

A Worker Who Needs to Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer

Comparative negligence in a personal injury case is a system that allows defendants to reduce the amount plaintiffs can claim for damages based on the proportionate amount of wrong that the plaintiff contributed to the situation. What does that mean? Well, suppose the court determines that an accident was caused 60 percent by the defendant and 40 percent by the plaintiff. In that case, the plaintiff will only be able to recover a maximum of 60 percent of the damages that occurred.

So, how is comparative negligence calculated?  The courts will hear the case and decide how the fault is divided. If the defendant was speeding when they caused the accident, then they are likely to be determined to be at fault. But if it is proven that the plaintiff was partially intoxicated or texting while driving during the accident, they may also be deemed partially at fault. The jury’s job is to determine the level of fault held by each person in the case.

This is part of the reason why it is always a smart idea to have a personal injury lawyer in Hernando County, FL, at your side. Your legal counsel is skilled at finding all the details of a case and can help draw attention to any potential comparative negligence during the trial.

Will Your Spouse Get Half Your Business After a Divorce?

A Business That Needs Help From a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce is never easy—dividing assets in a divorce can be downright hard. But things get even more complicated when one or both spouses owns a business. If your marriage is headed for a divorce, you might wonder exactly what happens to your business during the process. In Florida, it is vital to understand our state’s distribution laws when dividing assets. This includes businesses.

As our divorce lawyer in Hernando County, FL, can tell you, Section 61.075 of the Florida Statutes states that all marital property and assets are subject to “equitable distribution.” While this does mean that martial assets will be distributed fairly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will be split right down the middle.

Martial assets are defined as assets that were acquired during the marriage. That means if your business was started during the course of the marriage, then your spouse may get up to half of its value. If you started your business before marriage, your spouse could still be entitled to a portion of the value. How much they are able to claim will depend on how much your business has increased in value during the course of the marriage and if your spouse contributed to the business during the marriage.

Four Types of Car Accidents

A Collision Needing a Car Accident Lawyer

Being in an accident can be a very traumatic experience. As a car accident lawyer in Hernando County, FL, we have seen our fair share of crashes, and we want to do what we can to help you stay safe on the roadways. So here are some of the different types of auto accidents as well as some avoidance methods to hopefully help you avoid a catastrophe.

Head-On Collision – You find yourself driving down the road when suddenly, another vehicle is headed right toward you. Maybe they lost control, and their last swerve brought them into your lane—and now they are too afraid to make another move. The best evasive step f or you at this point is to steer to the right, hopefully giving the approaching driver enough room to prevent a full head-on collision.

Vehicle Rollover – When your car, truck, SUV, or van ends up flipping over or tumbling, there is little you can do to react. The best you can do is make sure you take the appropriate safety percussions before you even start driving. By having your seatbelt securely fastened, you are able to significantly increase the chances of avoiding a fatality or severe injury.

T-Bone Accident – Considered one of the most dangerous collisions, a T-bone accident happens when one vehicle crashes head-on into the side of another. Much like a vehicle rollover, there isn’t much chance of avoiding one of these sudden collisions. That means having your seatbelt locked in place is your best bet for reducing the risk to your well-being.

Multiple Vehicle Collision – Pileups can range from minimal to massive and can result from a single mistake or a chain of events. Whether you and your vehicle become part of the mix may depend on your situational awareness and defensive driving skills. Remember, staying a safe distance from others when sharing the road is always a smart idea.

What You Should Know About Personal Injury Lawyer Qualifications

Qualified Personal Injury Lawyers

The person you choose to represent you can make or break your personal injury case. As you research your options for legal representation, you may wonder what qualifies a person to be a personal injury lawyer in Hernando County, FL, and beyond. Look for the following factors as you decide who to hire:

Education: First and foremost, anyone practicing as a personal injury lawyer must have a bachelor’s degree and a Juris Doctor law degree from a school accredited by the American Bar Association. Likewise, they must pass the Florida state bar exam and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination. Anyone with these credentials meets the bare minimum criteria for competency.

Experience: Prior experience matters a great deal in legal cases. One small piece of knowledge or insight gained from previous cases could mean the difference between success or failure with your case. In particular, you want an attorney who has handled plenty of cases like yours, whether it is an auto accident, slip and fall, or another type of injury.

Compassion: While there is no concrete way to measure compassion in a personal injury lawyer, it is nonetheless a key component of success in this field. When you or a loved one has suffered an injury, you need to work with someone who will take your pain seriously and make this difficult time easier for you. Schedule a consultation to meet with your prospective attorney in person and determine whether they are a good fit for you.

When Grandparents Need to Gain Custody of a Grandchild

A Grandfather Gaining Custody of His Grandchild

Sometimes, it’s in a child’s best interest to be raised by their grandparents. However, grandparents’ rights are limited in Florida. While there are some situations in which the court will provide temporary or sole custody to a grandparent, it is uncommon. If you wish to pursue this, you will need the help of an experienced custody lawyer in Hernando County, FL. The following are some basics you should know before scheduling a legal consultation.

Temporary Custody

Extended family members have the right to gain temporary (also known as concurrent) custody of a minor child if the parents cannot care for the child or cannot be located. A custody lawyer can help achieve this by submitting a completed Florida Temporary Guardianship Form and arguing your case in court. Bear in mind that the judge will consider these factors while determining whether to award temporary custody:

  • Grandparents’ Ability to Care for the Child
  • Willingness to Allow Contact with the Parents
  • Child’s Preferences
  • Health of the Grandparents
  • Stability of the Proposed Home

Temporary custody is a short-term solution; it ends once a parent can return to the primary caregiver role. Regardless, it is a valuable first step in cases where the child’s well-being is in danger.

Sole Custody

Under certain circumstances, grandparents may be able to obtain sole custody of their grandchild. These cases are uncommon, so you would need assistance from a skilled custody lawyer to better your chances of success. The court must be convinced that the parents are unfit or pose a danger to their child—and that the grandparents are the next best option for the child.


Can You Oppose a Divorce?

Lawyer Mediating a Divorce

Sometimes, both parties in a divorce agree that it’s time to end the marriage. Other times, one person disagrees. The following is the basic information you should know about your options if you’re opposed to divorcing. Talk to one of the most experienced divorce lawyers in Pasco County, Florida, to get insight into the particulars of your situation.

Florida Is a No-Fault State

As a no-fault state, Florida law dictates that it’s only necessary for one spouse to claim the marriage is irretrievably broken and request divorce proceedings. Ignoring the divorce petition is not an option. If you fail to respond, you will give up your chance to contest the divorce and will have a default judgment entered against you.

You Have the Right to Request Counseling

While you cannot outright stop the divorce proceedings, you can request that you and your spouse undergo counseling or mediation. As a result of these sessions, your spouse may change their mind and drop the divorce petition. However, as divorce lawyers will tell you, most people have made up their minds by the time they initiate a divorce; changes of heart are uncommon. That said, if you’re committed to fixing your relationship and maintaining the marriage, counseling or mediation is your best chance.

About Changing Divorce Lawyers in the Middle of a Case

Divorce Lawyers in a Court Office

Choosing competent divorce lawyers in Pasco County, FL, is one of the most important decisions you will make—not only in your case, but in your entire life. While it is rare to run into a problem with the attorney you pick, if you notice they do not have your best intentions in mind, then it is time to consider replacing them with a law firm or lawyer that will fight for you.

Generally, you can change your attorney at any point in your divorce case. A possible exception to this right will be if you are either very close to or in the middle of a trial; otherwise, it is fair game to find someone new if your current attorney-client relationship has turned sour.

However, before you change your divorce attorney, it is essential to figure out why you want to make the change. What is the problem? Where is it coming from? Is the attorney leading you down the wrong path, or are you getting in your own way? Remember, divorce attorneys likely see a lot of court cases throughout their career—but this might be your first and only experience in divorce court. So, some of the things you might think are “issues” might not be as nefarious as they appear, but are simply part of the process.

If you don’t have unrealistic expectations, then there is a chance your attorney could be the problem. Some of the red flags to look for to see that your attorney isn’t acting in your best interest include:

  • Not Returning Your Calls or Emails
  • Missing Court Appearances
  • Not Keeping You Up to Date on Your Case
  • Making Promises & Not Delivering
  • Acting Aggressively to You
  • Refusing to Send You a Bill, Invoice, or Statement of Charges


Non-Biological Parents Can Utilize a Custody Lawyer

Happy Parent After Talking To a Custody Lawyer

Thanks to the evolving concept of the family as a unit, the issue of non-biological parent custody rights is rising. Traditionally, the courts only had to decide the parenting rights between two biological parents. Today, stepparents, relatives, and other family friends are all just as likely to step into the parental role for children.

In most situations, the biological parent will enjoy special rights to child custody over a non-biological parent. Nevertheless, in some instances, the court may still grant custody rights to the non-biological parent—even over the objections of the biological mother or father. These types of child custody court hearings are almost always complicated, which is why it is vital to work with a custody lawyer in Hernando County, FL.

If the court finds the biological parent unfit or unavailable to care for the child, then it may award a non-biological parent custody. In general, the court will look at how much time the non-biological parents have shared with the child before any decisions are made.

Since biological parents often have an advantage over non-biological parents, you will always want to work with an experienced attorney when it comes to these types of custody battles. An attorney will be able to illustrate the reasons why the non-biological parent is the right fit for the child in a way that the court will better understand.

You Should Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer for a Dog Bite Injury

Dog Bite That Could Lead To a Personal Injury Lawyer

For many households, dogs are considered family members, companions, and friends. But a small percentage of all breeds can give other dogs a bad name due to their aggressiveness. This is what should you do if you or a loved one becomes a dog bite victim. After tending to the injury, your first step should be to seek legal advice. Request a consultation with a trusted personal injury lawyer in Hernando County, FL.

Dog bite injuries are considered a personal injury case or claim, but there are unique laws and insurance issues that apply. To ensure that your legal rights are protected, you should reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer. With an attorney by your side, you will find it easier to maneuver through the “strict liability” standard Florida has for dog bite cases.

Because of the complexities involved when it comes to dog bite cases, it is crucial to retain the services of an attorney. They will be able to properly investigate the issues of liability and insurance coverage while working hard to protect your rights when you have been hurt due to someone else’s negligence in adequately training, controlling, or otherwise restricting their dangerous pet.

Learn the Basics of Estate Planning

A Couple Learning About Estate Planning

Many young people assume that the need for an estate planning lawyer in Hernando County, FL, is only for the old and the rich. However, this isn’t the case. Estate planning can be addressed at any time and in any tax bracket. In fact, it is one of the only ways to ensure your voice and wishes are heard in the instance of an untimely illness, accident, or death.

So, what exactly is an estate? In the simplest terms, it is everything you own—your money and all of your assets, including your car and home—at your death. When you decide, in advance and in writing, who will get your money and assets, that is estate planning.

Your heirs are the people who will receive your assets and money after you are gone. The act of giving these things to your heirs is called asset distribution. It is also essential to understand that your debts are also part of your estate. That means anything you owe on credit cards and loans must be paid off first by your estate before any assets or money are distributed to your heirs.

Estate planning isn’t only about money. It is also about leaving instructions for how your incapacitation or death may be handled. For instance, if you do not want to be kept on a life-support system if you were in a coma, you would put that in your estate. Want a cremation instead of a burial? That should also be included in your estate planning.

What to Do When a Spouse Wants a Divorce

People Talking to Divorce Lawyers

A divorce is a very emotionally challenging life event for couples. During these stressful times, knowing what to do with yourself and how to act around your spouse can be difficult. Our divorce lawyers in Pasco County, FL, want to help you through the process.

Remember, your goal is to do what is best for you and your relationship with your spouse, which can help the divorce process run more smoothly. Here are some of the recommendations on how to act moving forward when your spouse wants a divorce:

Be Confident – No matter what the future brings, you must approach it confidently.

Be Open to Questions & Concerns – Allow your spouse to come to you with any questions or concerns they might have. Be an active and engaged listener and be patient about any discussions regarding your marriage, if it is worth saving, or why a divorce might be the best route for both of you.

Be Your Best Self – This is not the time for you to fall apart, go into a rage, or get vengeful. While it might be difficult, you should try to muster up the best attitude you can manage.

Be Respectful – You should behave respectfully not just toward your spouse, but also toward yourself.

Don’t Engage in Arguments – You might find your spouse to be argumentative during this time. It is important to remember not to take the bait if your spouse tries to push your buttons—even if that means simply walking away.

Keep Busy – Continue your day-to-day activities or maybe even add some new ones. Call up friends or other family members and see if they want to go out and do something with you. Try a new hobby, start exercising, and visit a place of worship. Continue living, despite what happens with your marriage.

Give Your Spouse Space – Since your relationship is ending, it is crucial to give your spouse space during this time. Don’t question them about their whereabouts or schedule. You also don’t need to volunteer your whereabouts or schedule to them.

Types of Accidents Needing a Personal Injury Lawyer

Person in need of a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury occurs when someone suffers any type of physical injury. When someone else’s negligence causes the injury, they can be held accountable to pay for all costs related to that injury. This is when the injured party will want to reach out to a personal injury lawyer in Hernando County, FL, to discover if the facts merit action to seek compensation for their loss.

A personal injury case can arise anytime when somebody’s action—or inaction—hurts someone else. For example, if a store owner fails to clean a spill or repair a faulty step, it can result in someone slipping, falling, and hurting themselves. This type of injury can result in a personal injury lawsuit. Another example is if a store owner were to place racks too close together in a store in a way that could cause harm to a shopper. Some of the most common types of accidents that require a personal injury lawyer include:

  • Car Crashes
  • Slip & Fall Accidents
  • Dog Bites & Animal Attacks
  • Poor Road Maintenance
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Intentional Acts Such as Assault & Battery
  • Construction Accidents
  • Faulty Product Injuries
  • Things Left Where Others Can Trip on Them

Can Men Call a Domestic Abuse Lawyer?

Call a Domestic Abuse Lawyer in Hernando County, FL

Men can absolutely call a domestic abuse lawyer. Studies by the National Institute of Justice and the CDC found that about 40% of the people reporting serious assaults by current or ex-partners are men, and most of their attackers are women. These statistics do not account for less physically harmful but still damaging cases, which are common as well.

Unfortunately, cultural biases make it difficult for many men to get justice. That’s why it’s important to seek help from a qualified domestic abuse lawyer in Hernando County, FL.

A Trustworthy Advocate

Some men may worry that other people—including within the justice system—will not believe that they have been abused, especially by a female partner. Working with an experienced domestic abuse lawyer is the best way to build a strong case. Plus, you will have a trustworthy advocate on your side as you escape from a toxic situation and begin a new chapter in your life.

Florida law establishes that men and women should be treated equally in abuse cases. If domestic violence is legally established, the court will likely award more support and privileges to the abused spouse, including alimony, exclusive possession of the marital home, and other forms of relief. Learn more about what you can expect from the legal process by requesting a confidential consultation with a domestic abuse lawyer.

Modifying a Support Order with Child Support Lawyers

Discussing Case With Child Support Lawyers in Hernando County, FL

Support orders aren’t meant to be set in stone. The court recognizes that the circumstances of either parent may change suddenly or that terms decided years ago may need to be adjusted to suit the child’s needs. The following are some things you should know before talking to child support lawyers in Hernando County, FL, about modifying an order.

Either Parent May Request a Change: Regardless of which end of the support arrangement you are on, you have the right to file a petition with the circuit court for an update. You may also ask the Florida Department of Revenue’s Child Support Program for a review if you don’t want to file a petition immediately. Talk to a child support lawyer to determine which approach is most appropriate for your case.

You Must Demonstrate a Change in Circumstances: Whether you need to increase support from the contributing parent or decrease your payments, whoever is seeking change has the burden of proving it is necessary. In many cases, the change in circumstances must be substantial, permanent, and involuntary. For example, if either the child or a paying parent has become disabled, a change may be granted.

Time Makes a Difference: If the support order was set or updated recently, you will have a more difficult time getting any changes—although it is not impossible. Consult with a child support lawyer to explore your modification options.

Client Talking to Divorce Lawyers in Pasco County Florida

Client Talking to Divorce Lawyers in Pasco County Florida

Filing for divorce is a major decision, emotionally and legally. Whether you are certain about separation or considering your options, the following is information you should know about the legal process. Reach out to our divorce lawyers in Pasco County, Florida, for detailed information tailored to your circumstances.


To file for divorce in Florida, you must demonstrate that you or your spouse has been a resident for at least six months. While proving residency is straightforward for most couples, it can be complicated if you recently moved, maintain multiple properties, or have otherwise unusual living circumstances. Consult with a divorce lawyer if you’re uncertain whether you qualify for residency in Florida or your specific county.


It may be too basic or obvious, but you must also be able to prove your marriage exists in order to file for divorce. Most couples have a legal record of their marriage from the state (or county) in which their marriage was performed. If you’ve lost your certificate, you can request the document from the local court. However, some couples have more unusual circumstances, in which case it is best to talk to a divorce lawyer as soon as possible.

Irretrievably Broken

Fortunately, Florida is a no-fault state, meaning that you are not required to either prove your spouse has ruined your marriage or admit your own guilt. All you must do is claim that your marriage is “irretrievably broken.” An attorney can walk you through what this simple step entrails and help you determine whether you should move on to a regular dissolution of marriage or a simplified one.

Family Law Attorneys Help Enforce Court Orders

Enforce Court Orders With Family Law Attorneys

During divorce proceedings, the court may issue an order for visitation or child support. In severe cases, they can also include a domestic violence injunction (DVI), which is also known as a restraining or protection order. Most times, they are followed, but sometimes they are not. This blog post from the team at the Law Office of James R. Jones, Jr., P.A. will look at how family law attorneys in Hernando County, Florida, can help you.

The thing to keep in mind is that court orders have the weight of the legal system fully behind them. If the judge says that one party has to do something concerning the divorce settlement, then it must be done. If not, penalties can flow from that, including jail time in extreme cases.

When you have persuaded the judge to issue an order or two on your behalf, but you find that your former partner is not adhering to them, you need to turn to family law attorneys for support.

An experienced lawyer knows their way around the legal system and can take the appropriate steps to enforce the order and protect you in the instance of a DVI. Your lawyer will review the order to see how the other party is not following it. They will formulate a plan and petition the court to issue further orders to force the non-compliant partner to uphold their obligations.

The Law Office of James R. Jones, Jr., P.A. is ready to answer any questions you may have about court orders.

How a Custody Lawyer can Help You Deal with Emotional Stress

A Stressed Lady in need of a Custody Lawyer

A divorce is stressful in even the calmest situations. When the separation is contentious, the stress levels will be through the roof.

The team at the Law Office of James R. Jones, Jr., P.A. has created this blog post to show you how a custody lawyer in Hernando County, FL, can help you deal with the highly charged emotions of a hard-fought divorce.

Your custody lawyer has gone through these circumstances before and can help you by virtue of being a calm voice of reason. An experienced lawyer can tell you about the custody and visitation process and give you an idea of how it works and what to expect. It makes it easier to relax when you have an idea of what is going on as you are not focused on “what-if” scenarios.

Another way your lawyer can help you is that they are willing to listen. It helps to have someone to vent your frustrations and fears to rather than holding them in. A seasoned lawyer will empathize and let you know that you are not alone and someone is on your side fighting for you.

To learn more, contact the Law Office of James R. Jones, Jr., P.A.

How Child Support Lawyers Help Parents with Visitation Rights

Happy Children After Help From Child Support Lawyers

A divorce is a contentious issue in the majority of cases; that’s the nature of this process. However, when children are in the picture, the stakes and tensions are elevated. It makes sense, in that case, to have a lawyer working for you to ensure your visitation rights are upheld.

The Law Office of James R. Jones, Jr., P.A. has child support lawyers in Hernando County, FL, and in this blog post, we will discuss protecting your visitation rights.

In divorces where the spouses are trying to arrive at an amicable solution, it is still a good idea to draft a formal visitation agreement. Having it formally written down makes sure that there are no misconceptions about parental visitations. If the separation becomes heated, then having visitation formalized helps determine who gets the children and when.

When visitation rights are contested from the very beginning of the divorce process, child support lawyers will fight tooth and nail to ensure you are allowed to spend time with your son or daughter. They will battle to get a court order, if required, to let you visit your children.

Contact the Law Office of James R. Jones, Jr., P.A. to learn more about visitation rights.

Important Traits of Good Family Law Attorneys in Hernando County, Florida

Learn About Family Law Attorneys in Hernando County, Florida

Picking up the phone to speak to a family lawyer can be a hard call to make. Whether for divorce or child custody, reaching out to family law attorneys in Hernando County, Florida, is the first step toward changing your life forever.

Protect your future with a good lawyer and look for the following traits:


A family law attorney must be honest with you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case. They need to be able to assess your situation and provide a realistic perspective.


A lawyer that doesn’t have time to speak to you isn’t the right one for you. You want someone who will treat your case as though you’re their only client.


They must objectively look at the facts, evidence, and issues to prepare you for different scenarios so you can plan accordingly.


Emotions go hand-in-hand with family law. That means your lawyer needs to be a steady rock as they pursue your case. They must remain calm and patient no matter the situation.


Being prepared is one of the most reliable ways to win a case. If your family law attorney has all your paperwork in order, you can be confident in their skill.

When you trust The Law Office of James R. Jones, JR., P.A., you can expect attorneys that represent these traits and more; call to discover why we are a leading family law firm in Florida.

How to File a Claim with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Hernando County, FL

A Lady Who Needs a Personal Injury Lawyer in Hernando County, FL

When you’re dealing with the pain of an injury, the last thing you want to do is attempt to navigate the legal system. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Hernando County, FL, can ease your stress and ensure you have someone working toward the outcome you desire.

There are a few key considerations when you must pursue a personal injury claim:

Does Insurance Cover the Incident?

If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence, find out if they have liability insurance. If the other party doesn’t have coverage, it may be challenging to receive a settlement. However, depending on the severity of your injury, you and your lawyer can determine whether a claim is worth pursuing.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

At the very least, it’s best to discuss your case with a personal injury attorney. Most personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation to discuss the merits of your case and outline your legal options.

 To File (or Not File) a Lawsuit

If the other party has insurance, you can file a third-party claim. If negotiations for your claim break down, it’s time to call your personal injury lawyer to represent your best interests.

Protect Your Assets with An Estate Planning Lawyer in Hernando County, FL

A House With help From an Estate Planning Lawyer in Hernando County, FL

Estate planning is a form of asset protection because it can safeguard your property, finances, and possessions from outside parties seeking payment. If you intend to allocate specific assets in a certain way after your death, then an estate planning lawyer in Hernando County, FL, is your best advocate. Your beneficiaries will appreciate the time you took to get your affairs in order.

Helping to Handle Your Affairs

Estate planning isn’t just about paying less tax; it’s also about managing and protecting your assets in case of litigation. An estate planning lawyer can draw up documents that provide for contingencies in case of lawsuits from creditors or other parties attempting to extract money from your estate. Common asset protection forms include irrevocable trusts, a limited liability company (LLC), a family limited partnership (FLP), and insurance policies.

Reduce Your Risk

Large estates with significant assets are often targeted by creditors to recoup debts and the government to claim taxes. If you think your estate is at risk, speak to your estate planning lawyer today and protect the legacy you’ve spent your life building. By establishing clear instructions and trusting an attorney to manage your affairs, you can feel confident your assets are in good hands.

The Risk of Not Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Hernando County, FL

Learn About the Risks of Not Having a Personal Injury Lawyer in Hernando County, FL

Minor accidents can turn into major headaches if you try to handle your personal injury case without an experienced lawyer. If the extent of your injuries is not yet apparent, you could shortchange yourself in a settlement and end up with results that cost you more than you realize. When you choose a personal injury lawyer in Hernando County, FL, they will work toward an acceptable outcome that considers medical expenses, lost wages, and your pain and suffering.

The Settlement You Deserve

Insurance companies intend to pay the least amount possible in a case, and an attorney is your best advocate to negotiate a higher amount. Once you direct all your communication through your personal injury lawyer, the insurance company will take your claim seriously, and you are more likely to receive an appropriate settlement. Without a lawyer, you might battle for months with little to show for it.

Your Legal Advocate

Although many people are apt to do things themselves these days, a personal injury lawyer is worth the call. They have spent years learning the legal system and developing relationships with insurance companies, other attorneys, and court representatives. Their skill and experience can be a valuable asset to your case.

The Different Types of Practices for Family Law in Hernando County, FL

Learn About the Practices of Family Law in Hernando County, FL

Just as all plumbers do not perform the same type of work, it is also true of family lawyers. Some firms offer specific areas of practice and focus on those aspects of the law to the point where they know them inside and out.

Within the scope of Hernando County, FL, family law, there are several branches of practice, including:

  • Divorce/Separation
  • Child Custody/Support
  • Adoption/Foster Care
  • Paternity

Related Practice Areas

Law firms may also handle related fields that intersect with family law, including criminal cases involving domestic violence. Other associated areas include:

  • Mediation & Collaborative Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Immigration & Naturalization Law

One Stop Law Firm

Since family law is a relatively broad practice, a single firm can likely handle several aspects of your case. Speak to a family law attorney to determine whether they are a good fit for you and determine if their practice areas meet your needs. While you don’t want to settle for a one-size-fits-all lawyer, it is convenient if the same firm can handle most of your legal matters.

Whether going through a divorce, negotiating child custody, or looking to adopt, a family law firm is your best advocate in what can be a stressful time.

Reduce Your Stress with Our Divorce Lawyers in Pasco County, Florida

A Couple in Need of Divorce Lawyers in Pasco County, Florida

Divorce is stressful, and no one moves through the process without some frustration and anxiety. Divorce lawyers in Pasco County, FL, are not only your greatest legal advocate, but they also supply emotional support during one of the most difficult experiences in your life.

Divorce lawyers help you navigate the paperwork and provide guidance when dividing assets, settling custody agreements, and assessing finances. A family law firm knows how to negotiate on your behalf to get the results you want and to protect your best interests.

Guidance from an Experienced Professional

As a partner in a relationship, you may feel adrift after the split and not know where to turn. While friends and family can be a great support system, they do not know the law, and their advice might not be the best fit for your situation. It is essential to contact a divorce lawyer, no matter how simple your separation may seem.

They Know the Law

Questions can come up, and if you don’t have someone to supply the appropriate information, you may lose out in more ways than you might realize. Protect your rights to your home, finances, child custody, and possessions with advice from a supportive attorney. Although they can’t replace a good therapist, they can minimize stress and put your mind at ease.